How To Fight The Establishment


Like many people in times of political turmoil I often think about what I can do to help move things in the right direction. I think we all feel a bit powerless in today’s political system. We feel like our vote doesn’t count. Whether you are on the right or left or somewhere in between there are times when we feel like things are going out of control. Now is one of those moments. It is time that we the people figure out what to do to right the ship. Now the things I’m about to talk about are going to sound like “right wing talking points” however I want those who consider themselves on the left to try and put the partisanship aside for a moment and just understand what I’m trying to say. I don’t think what I’m am going to say should be considered “right wing” I think these are inherently American ideas and it is what will help us maintain our magnificent republic.

Most people will tell you to VOTE! When you ask what you can do to make a difference. This isn’t bad advice, but it isn’t good advice either. I have talked about in previous articles about how broken the voting system is in the United States. Both sides generally agree on this, it just depends on who won the last election. If their candidate won then the election system is perfect and pure as the driven snow. If their candidate lost then the entire system is rigged and either votes were suppressed or fabricated. In reality they are both probably right, voting in the United States is simply a game being manipulated by the establishment to achieve their desired outcome. That doesn’t necessarily mean that votes are fraudulent, it could, but that it is a money game that you are not a part of. So it sounds like I am saying things are hopeless right? I’m not, you should still go out and vote but there are other things you need to do as well.

You need to become more independent. We as Americans need to cut the umbilical cord that attaches us to the elites in politics. Unfortunately that cord has become massive and will be incredibly hard to cut, but we can starve it out. The more independent each of us can become the less we need to worry about government. Obviously the elites in power are always going to try and grow their power, but it is much harder to control a nation of people who are self-sufficient then it is to control a nation that is dependent on the government taking care of them. If you are on the far left you are probably already rolling your eyes, but before you leave consider some things. The greater you grow the power of the government the more control those evil capitalist corporations will be able to exert on your life. The greater you grow the power of government the more they are able to oppress anyone who is a minority or an “undesirable” in their eyes. These are all things that as far as I am aware you are against. This is what I mean when I say we should unite, we need to unite as the people against government overreach. Now counterintuitively I believe the best way to unite is to become more independent. Living bunched up together in major cities forces us to be more dependent on the government. There needs to be infrastructure in place in order to house that many people in one place. We have allowed the government to take over control of maintenance, public transportation, utilities, and most other aspects of living in the city. I’m not saying that everyone needs to move out to the middle of nowhere, there are people that love living in big cities, I’m saying that we need to recognize the signs of government encroachment and stop voting for more. You need to be willing to move for better opportunities like our ancestors did when we settled this massive country. This goes for those in the depressed towns of the rust belt as well. A mobile society is harder to control. Rather than demanding welfare, free college, and nationalized healthcare we need to strike out and build independent lives for ourselves. We need to come together as communities so that when we need help we don’t have to run to the government. If you want the minimum wage to increase then stop accepting jobs for less than what you think the minimum wage should be. Consider options outside of college, gain new skills and make yourself more valuable. If we all became more independent it would matter far less who the president was, we need to start talking to each other again. Say hello to your neighbors, ask for help when you need it, shop locally whenever possible. These are the things that will start to make long term changes in this country. Allow freedom to ring and markets to make our lives better. If you are going to vote then be informed on who and what you are voting for. Do some research, find out how much you really pay in taxes and stop voting for new taxes and tax increases. When the government offers you something “free” understand what that means. Stop watching the media, spend some time reading a book every day, make self improvement a part of your daily routine. In the same way that a rising sea raises all boats, when we all improve ourselves the world improves around us. If we all took these things to heart and focused on our health and independence we could truly regain control of this magnificent republic.


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