Same Day Voter Registration


Are you a functional adult? Can you do something one day before a deadline? Great, then we don’t need same day voter registration. Just think about what this concept means. Your government thinks so little of your ability to be a proactive human adult that they have created a rule that lets people register at the polls.

It has never been easier to register to vote before election day. You can Google it, look on Facebook, help is everywhere. Go to your city hall, they will guide you through it. That’s their job. Your tax money pays for this service.

The main reason I bring this up is election security. In the recent 2020 election, many precincts reported over 100% voter participation. “How could this happen,” you may ask. Same day registration. You may then think, “well isn’t that a good thing because that means more people are having their voice heard?” There are a few problems here. Same day registration makes us have no way of knowing if ballot boxes were stuffed with extra votes for a candidate. Why are we okay with not knowing how many ballots to expect? Imagine receiving the results of a blood test where your ____ measurement is 19mg. You ask your doctor what is a normal range and what is too high. He says, “idk lmao.” The next issue (which I think is my least popular view) is if someone is so uncaring and uninvolved with the workings of the American government system that they don’t register until the day of the election, is that someone we want weighing in on our future? As we know, the most uninformed people are the most likely to believe false information.

To sum up, having elections without knowing the max amount of ballots is begging for fraud. Also if you’re not registered before election day, seriously? Personal responsibility.


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