The Midnight Switcheroo


Yes, there is evidence that something strange happened.

I received some backlash on my last article about voting and wanted to respond to it here with a new article. The main concerns seemed to be that I was misleading readers about the strangeness of the 2020 election. That everything that happened was normal and any anomalies were caught. So obviously the system is working perfectly! Now, anyone with a functioning prefrontal cortex understands that this is nonsense in even a normal election year. We all know that there is cheating going on on both sides, the question is how egregious is the cheating and did it affect the outcome of the election. In 2020 I believe the answer to that is unclear but there is a large amount of strange data that should be investigated before we make a final call.

Did Michigan have a 130k vote ballot dump?

The short answer is yes. The confusion seemed to be down to the fact that we have had so many strange occurrences in this election that people who are dead set on claiming that nothing went wrong are missing critical data. In my previous article I stated that there was a vote dump for Joe Biden of 130k votes that went 98% to Biden. Was this statement false as I was told many times by doubters? No it was not. The numbers were not exact I will admit but the fact is that it did happen. The so called “deboonkers” claimed that it was a clerical error that was due to “adding a zero” to the count in Shiawassee county which made the 15,371 votes that Biden received become 153,710. They said that this was corrected and therefore my statements were lies! They are correct about Shiawassee county, where these “deboonkers” failed is in not considering that I was not talking about that vote dump. What? you say. There were two? Yes. I was talking about the vote dump that came in just after 6am that has not been changed or removed. The exact numbers look like this: Joe Biden 141,258 votes, Donald Trump 5,968 votes. So yes my numbers were slightly off, meaning the vote only went 96% to Biden rather than 98% however I believe that this difference is not consequential. So what I am showing you here is that none of the data I showed was a lie like these “deboonkers” claimed it was. You can say that the data from Matt Braynard comes from a biased source all you want but if you can’t even take the time to make sure you are right before calling me a liar, I am not going to trust your opinion or your equally biased sources claiming everything in this election was as clean as the driven snow. Just because the system caught some things, like the 6k vote flip in Michigan that was due to either human error or a machine count malfunction, does not mean that the system is working. Those changes required someone to point out that the number from that county made no sense and they had to go back and fix it. If the system were better designed that step would not have been required. Combine this with these massive vote dumps and the mountain of other strange data that has been found and there is a real need to figure out how to better safeguard our voting system. Here is a link to Matt Braynards conclusion video so you can see the data I am talking about in the initial article and we will talk about even more data in a moment.

Let’s look at some more data.

So now let’s move forward and check out some in depth analysis of this strange vote dump in Michigan as well as other states. Here is a link to this data and an analysis of the data. I will warn you that it is a very in depth analysis and I am not going to claim to fully understand all of the math that is being done. What I can tell you is they do a very good job of giving you an explanation of what goes into each chart and why it is important. If you take some time it is not hard to figure out that something very strange has happened. So let’s lay out the basics. In a five hour period between 1:30AM and 6:30AM on November 4th 2020 there were four vote dumps in MI, WI, and GA that were extreme statistical outliers. Now before you start yelling about mail-in votes being mostly for democrats and how cities also skew for democrats please go and read the entire break down. I promise that all of these things are taken into account. What I am going to do here is an extremely dumbed down and brief synopsis of the key points. This analysis looked at 8,954 ballot dumps across the country and attempted to develop a pattern in voting. These dumps included cities as well as rural areas and Biden heavy as well as Trump heavy counties. What the analysis determined is that there is a pattern to voting that is very consistent across the country. Basically if the ratio of votes for one candidate over another is large then the margin of votes that candidate gets in terms of the total votes is typically small and vice versa. That sounds confusing so lets look at an example. One of the data points shows a ballot count where Trump received votes at a ratio of 632:1. Now that is obviously a huge ratio of votes for Trump, so is this an outlier in the data? No, because what this resulted in was a margin of 3,622 votes for Trump. Meaning trump received 3,622 votes more than Biden in this particular count which is not a large number. This appears to be consistent across the data that was analyzed, and yes that includes in cities that heavily favor democrats. So as the ratio goes up the margin should go down and as the margin goes up the ratio should come down because there are always Republicans in Democrat districts and vice versa. So an outlier in this data would be a vote dump that has a very high ratio for one candidate and also an extremely high margin for that same candidate. So does this happen in this data? It turns out that it does and the ballot dump in Michigan that I referred to in the initial article is one of them. In this data four of the top 7 most anomalous updates happened in three states crucial to the election and all within a 5 hour window in the middle of the night. The ballot dump I referred to earlier in Michigan represents both the highest margin of Biden to Trump votes of the 502 counts (from Michigan) in the data at 135,290 and the largest Biden to Trump Ratio at 23.67:1. Now that ratio doesn’t look like much when compared to that 632:1 Trump ratio but remember that it did not represent a large margin for Trump. I repeat this only because it is a very important part of this analysis. Not only is this update the most anomalous data point in Michigan it also happens to be the most anomalous data point in the entire data set which spans the entire country. It’s also important to point out here that these outliers are not just outliers in the data. They would be considered outliers of the outliers of the data. Any data set is going to contain strange outliers but these go far beyond that. These points represent data that is above the 99.9th percentile in the data. In order to lay this out very clearly, if we simply moved these data points down so that they were at the 99th percentile, which would still make it an extreme outlier in the data, the shift in vote totals would be more than the current margin of victory in each state and would shift 42 electoral votes. That is something that needs explaining. You can click on that link and see an in-depth breakdown of the data as well as the data from other states.

So what am I saying?

I am saying, just as I did in my previous article, that there are problems in this election that need further investigation. There may be a rational explanation for them but based on this data I am skeptical. The fact that these ballot dumps all skew in favor of a single candidate is suspicious. In fact most of the anomalies that have been brought up around the country all seem to favor one candidate. Whether it’s the 6k votes in Michigan getting flipped, a Georgia recount where purely recounting the same ballots resulted in a historic gain in votes for Donald Trump, or an early morning ballot dump that nets Biden 96% of the votes and single handedly erases a Trump lead. These are things that need to be investigated, no rational person can look at these massive statistical discrepancies that happened in the middle of the night, in swing states, and believe the we do not need to get to the bottom of what happened during the 2020 election. Do your own research, read the data at the links I provided and tell me you believe that there is not a problem. You can, this is a free country after all, but if you put your head in the sand and ignore these anomalies simply because your preferred candidate won, then it won’t be for very much longer.


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