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How are we all feeling today?

Good? Bad? Well it seems to be about 50/50 at this point. I am sitting here writing this during the turmoil that is the 2020 election. It’s currently November 10th and it seems all but a certainty at this point that Joe Biden is going to be elected president on January 20th. Donald Trump is still pushing lawsuits that could jam up the election process but I don’t think these lawsuits are going to result in a swing of the election in Trump’s favor.

With all of that being said, I thought it would be important to look back a little bit at where we have come from in the last 4 years and keep a record of where we are so we have something to compare to going forward. I’ll freely admit bias here, I voted for Trump and I won’t apologize for that. So this article is my biased view of what happened during the Trump administration and a little bit of what I think is to come. In my opinion what we have seen in the last 4 years represents some of the best years for this country in my young life. We’re going to go through some of the numbers and try to cut through the legacy media’s hard left bias. So lets just get some raw numbers set down for starters.

Gas Prices and Tax Rates-

Gas Prices- Current national average for regular gas as of November, 2020 is $2.11/gallon

Tax Rates- Current tax rates for middle class Americans filing both single and married.

12% $9,875 $19,750

22% $40,125 $80,250

These numbers are not designed to show some profound greatness of the Trump administration, they are simply a moment in time. They can be used to see how this coming change in leadership will affect average Americans. Gas prices don’t tend to affect the super rich, a few cents a gallon though can be the difference between making rent and not for some Americans. So I think these are a good place to start when it comes to examining and documenting the current health of the country.


Donald Trump will be the first president in over 30 years to not start a new war during his presidency. The last new war that the US became involved in was the Syrian civil war. This was begun in 2014 under the Obama administration. Since then Donald Trump has chosen to withdraw most of the U.S. troops from Syria which came as a shock to many. Trump was widely criticized for the withdrawal of troops as it was claimed it would create chaos that would result in more bloodshed. Whatever you think of the decision it cant be argued that it was a large step forward in removing the United States from its myriad of foreign conflicts. Unfortunately the most current data we have on U.S. troop deployments comes from late 2019 but this will give us an idea of how many troops we have currently deployed over-seas so we can track whether the Biden administration chooses to increase or decrease those numbers.

Estimated Current Troop Deployments at the end of 2019-

Afghanistan: 12,000 to 13,000 troops- Trump ordered withdrawal of 7,000 troops in late 2019 early 2020 there is not current data to show whether that has taken place.

Syria: 200- Peak deployment was over 2,000 troops. Trump withdrew forces in December 2018 and left a minimal force of 200.

Iraq: About 6,000– This number has grown recently from 5 to 6 thousand troops as troops are withdrawn from Syria.

Saudi Arabia and Persian Gulf: 45k-65k- Numbers fluctuate a lot but an additional 14k troops were deployed recently due to threats from Iran.

Africa: 6k-7k- 500 special operations in Somalia but mostly in the horn of Africa and the Sahel.

Japan and South Korea: 78k- Maintained since the end of WWII and Korean War.

NATO Nations: 35k+ – The Trump administration has ordered the removal of troops from Germany and other NATO countries but there is no data as to whether or not this has begun.

Rest of the World: 2k

Trade and Peace Deals-

In the last 4 years there have been many shakeups when it come to US foreign relations. The first two years of the Trump presidency seemed like the same old same old. Drone bombings in the middle east, launching missiles into Syria, and a general continuation of establishment tactics. The only true bright spot in my opinion was not letting the U.S. be bulled by the likes of Iran. Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the Iran nuclear deal. You may not agree with me that this is a positive thing but I for one believe giving billions of taxpayer dollars to a foreign adversary with the promise that they wont develop a nuclear weapon (as long as we continue to pay them) seems like a losing prospect. We know that the Iranian government has long supported terrorist organizations across the middle east like Hamas. Stopping the flow of US taxpayer money into terrorist coffers again seems to me to be a move in the right direction.

“most importantly a recognition by those nations that the state of Israel exists and will exist going forward.”
Deals with Israel

US drone strikes seemed to hit an all time high in 2019, I cannot say for certain that this led to the firing of John Bolton but I believe it played a role as those same drone strikes on foreign targets dropped precipitously after his firing. The data that is available on these strikes is not always accurate but the data I have been able to find seems to point to this being the case. This was another big step forward in ousting those establishment players that led to some very important peace deals in 2020. Jared Kushner and the Trump administration were able to negotiate 4 historic peace deals towards the end of 2020. This is a particularly important point for me because I grew up hearing the peace in the middle east was this unfixable quagmire. That it was so hopelessly complicated that true peace was almost an impossibility. I have also grown up hearing about how peace would never be possible as long as Israel continued to be a stumbling block. This was proven to not be the case when first a deal between The United Arab Emirates and Israel was brokered just a few months ago. This was followed swiftly by Bahrain and Sudan signing on to the same deal. While these countries are small and many in the media either flat out ignored what was happening or tried to pretend like it was not a big deal, the deals represent a paradigm shift in middle east relations. These deal include a complete normalization of relations between these countries and the state of Israel. That means commercial flights going back and forth, trade in goods and services, and most importantly a recognition by those nations that the state of Israel exists and will exist going forward. This was all accomplished without the need for Israel to give away large portions of their territory or make any concessions to the Palestinian Authority (which is nothing more than a terrorist organization in my opinion). These deals should pave the way for other countries like Saudi Arabia to normalize relations with Israel and I believe are the largest steps towards peace in the middle east in over 40 years. I hope with every fiber of my being that the incoming Biden administration will continue on this path and recognize that the Trump administration is doing something right here. I am not confident of this though as the methods used in these deals goes against all establishment doctrine and Joe Biden is nothing if not an establishment player. I did say there were 4 peace deals and I think the last one is almost more important than the first 3. The Trump administration brokered a 1 year peace deal between Serbia and Kosovo, under the terms of the agreements signed Serbia will suspend its efforts, both official and unofficial, encouraging other states to either not recognize Kosovo or to revoke existing recognition. This deal also comes with complete economic normalization between the two countries, this is a huge step forward as military conflict between the two countries have been commonplace since after WWII and Kosovo only gained UN recognition in 2008. In my opinion just about any other president in US history would be a sure winner of the Nobel Peace Prize given these historic peace agreements, however because it is the Trump administration that is responsible for these agreements I highly doubt any large scale recognition will be forthcoming.

Trade Deals-

It is well known that the Trump administration was focused on economics as their primary selling point for re-election. Covid-19 obviously put a huge dent in their argument. I do not believe there is any president who would have done better in this realm but that is a topic for another article. The point is there are many aspects of the economy to consider and here we are going to look at large trade deals. The most obvious trade deal to discuss is NAFTA. Well we all know what happened there, the Trump administration replaced NAFTA with the new USMCA deal. There really isn’t much to say about it, it protects American industry and has been one of the least controversial aspects of the Trump administration. The deal is widely regarded as better for America on both sides of the aisle. The Trump administration has also withdrawn the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership in an effort to untangle the United States from the grips of China. I think both of these have helped improve the U.S. economy over the course of the Trump administrations 4 years.

It’s the Economy Stupid!-

I’m going to keep this section short and sweet. There are a lot of people who want to pretend like the economy under Trump wasn’t that great. They want to pretend like anything positive was a result of the Obama administration. Well that is just nonsense. The economy grew at a rate of 3-4% under the Trump administration until Covid-19 hit the United States. This was a number that people often said was impossible when Trump claimed he would get us to 4% growth. Here are just some highlights of the Trump Economy that I hope we can get back to in 2021.

Unemployment- 3.5% 50 year low, involuntary part-time workers at 10 year low.
Labor Force Participation- 65%
Household income- Rose from $62,626 in 2017 to $63,179 in 2018
Poverty Rate- Fell from 12.3% to 11.8%
Most Stock Indexes hit all time highs in 2019 S&P 500 broke 3,000 DOW Jones broke 28,000

These numbers might not convince you that the Trump era was anything to be happy about but I think that is a result of you wanting to believe that Trump is evil. That he is the worst president we have ever seen. What I think is that we had a president for 4 years who was not a part of the establishment. Who was not willing to just go along with the status quo. This caused levels of strife that most of us were not prepared for because we are so used to the status quo. I know he tweets a lot of nonsense, I know he often says things you don’t like. However I think there are many accusations made about Trump that are completely hyperbolic. He was called a racist and a bigot for 4 years and yet in the 2020 election he won a higher percentage of non-white voters than any other Republican candidate since 1960. I think what this shows is that if you cut through the rhetoric of the legacy media we have a president moved our country towards a better future even if he said some things you don’t like. I firmly hope that Joe Biden will continue these trends but I am extremely skeptical that after 47 years in government he will suddenly change his tune and begin to actually fight for average Americans the way the Trump administration did. You don’t have to agree with me, this is America, but I want this article to stand as a snapshot in time that we can go back to and see where we are at the end of the next 4 years of establishment control. Now as a write this the election is not quite over so this whole article could be useless in the next few weeks but it’s looking more and more likely that Joe Biden will be elected. I for one will be saddened to see this administration leave.


  1. A few points that either weren’t acknowledged or duly accounted for. The first being Trump’s actual observed behavior and his poor manner of conducting himself. He incessantly lies, claiming we have, or are on the cusp of, a cure for Covid-19 is just one example. This elucidates the fact he blatantly denies science leading to his utter failure in handling the pandemic costing lives that may have been spared. He told white supremacist groups to stand down and stand by while also openly being supported by the KKK. And even if he has, inadequately denied this, how do you explain the vehement support from so many racist Americans the country over? Why are Maga hats so popular in historically racist cities? He has no actual respect for women. He denies climate change, and even if the science is not fully justified in this case, he still takes no steps to ensure the health and longevity of our Earth. He actively discredits institutions to gain the upper hand with his supporters causing harm to the overall system. One example being claims and constant failed lawsuits surrounding voter fraud when the election started to not go his way. He is actually a bad person and I’m aware the Ad Hominem doesn’t directly say anything about his presidency, but it should be noted regardless. And his extremely vocal positions are objectively a negative mark on his campaign, citizens believe him, if he falsely discredits a system like science and rejects systems of objectivity, he is putting citizens in a position to deceptively follow him.

    Aside from his personal short comings, the few things I am familiar with in the above article miss key factors that change the information to a far more negative connotation. Primarily the discussion on unemployment rates and poverty. Unemployment rates mean nothing if you’re living at the poverty line or even just above it. Sure a lot more people have jobs now, but they are no better off than they were before. The poverty line, the metric needed to accurately evaluate unemployment, and poverty ratea is ~12600$ for a one person household and only 5k$ more for a two person household. This isn’t enough money to get out of poverty in reality and cannot be lived on. So sure unemployment dropped and so did “poverty” but these people are living wretched existences no different than if they were unemployed or in poverty. I’m not saying this is every case, but certainly should be addressed if claims of unemployment and poverty dropping are to be seriously taken as a positive and not just a ploy for trump to gain clout from his already convinced supporters.
    Lastly, claiming he isn’t a racist due to his turnout of non white voters the same thing as having a token black friend and claiming you’re not racist. Just because a BIPoC likes you, doesn’t mean your actions aren’t systemically harming them. They can simply be unaware of this.

    This would be better written if all of existing wasn’t entirely exhausting. I maintain these factors ought to be addressed if the rest of the claims are to be seriously taken as positive as well. Like seriously fuck Trump. How are people so ready to just ignore how disgusting and deplorable a human he is.

    Lastly, I am not a Biden supporter either, but a liberal is better than a fascist. Trump has explicit examples of all 12 signs of fascism and that is highly concerning. A few are noted above.

    • Several things to note about this comment. First of all it reads like a Rachel Maddow melt down on MSNBC and is riddled with inaccuracies which is fairly comical considering that your main problem with Trump is his lying. So the first problem is your assertion that trump “mishandled” the pandemic. I would like specific points as to what would have been done differently that would have saved those lives. The fact is that there is nothing being proposed from anyone including the Biden administration that is any different from what the Trump administration did. A mask mandate, which is the only thing being proposed that is different, is flatly unconstitutional so is not going to happen because Biden is constrained by the constitution as he should be. Trump acted at the beginning of the pandemic to stop travel from China and Europe and was roundly criticized and called a racist and xenophobe by his opponents. The reality on the pandemic is hilarious honestly, we started out with the left screaming about how this was all an overreaction and it was just Trump trying to scare you into supporting his racist ideas. Then as the pandemic progressed it completely flipped into the left becoming a fear mongering monster as we found that Covid was not nearly as deadly as it was thought to be. The fact is that everything the states wanted to be provided by the federal government was provided. Ventilators were built and shipped on time. Trump’s administration did everything any other administration would have done and you have provided 0 evidence to the contrary. The fact is that far more death resulted from the decisions by governor Cuomo and Whitmer allowing Covid positive patients to be housed in nursing homes, the most at risk population, than anything the Trump administration did. If you want to talk about science denial, the numbers at the beginning from the scientists were that 2 Million Americans might die from Covid so simply based on that the death rate has been significantly reduced. The incoherent screaming of “you deny science!” has been ridiculous, science is not a deity. Science is a method with which we reach conclusions. The core of the scientific method is questioning, if we simply believe whatever a “scientist” tells us that is in and of itself a denial of the scientific method. It is an argument from authority. The fact is that the so called “science” on Covid-19 has changed dramatically over the last nine months and what we have finally begun to nail down is that we have a disease that has a 99.9% survival rate amongst the general population. This is not debatable. We have conflicting studies about mask wearing but we know full well that wearing the mask does not protect you from the virus it can only potentially protect others from you. The data on mask wearing shows that countries with high levels of compliance suffer the same spikes and outbreaks as countries like Denmark and Sweden that have low rates of mask compliance. If you want to be on the side of “science” how about the science that tells us that Lock Downs have resulted and will result in skyrocketing rates of suicide and depression as well as increasing obesity rates. American’s already die at an obscene rate as a result of obesity and it’s related syndromes. The fact is that only 6% of Covid patients died without a serious other co-morbidity like obesity and on average people who die of Covid have 2.5 co-morbidities like diabetes, obesity, or heart disease. So the Trump administrations desire to end lock downs in fact follows the “science” perfectly. If we want fewer deaths we need to get people back to work so that they don’t starve to death or off themselves as a result of depression. We know who the vulnerable populations are, like the elderly and those with underlying conditions, so those people should take steps to protect themselves. However if you are under the age of 60 and healthy you should social distance and get back to normal life. This is about personal responsibility, the government has done what they can do and even pushed through a stimulus package. You might think the stimulus was inadequate but if you want to have that conversation the fact is that Nancy Pelosi spent the last several months blocking multiple iterations of an additional stimulus package in order to not allow the Trump administration to get a “win” right before the election. So if you’re looking for someone to blame for Covid problems why don’t you look at the woman who blocked a stimulus package and encouraged people to “come on down to China Town and party with us!” in February as we were banning travel from China. The federal government also funded operation Warp Speed which is about to result in Pfizer releasing a 95% effective vaccine for Covid in record time. The bottom line is there is no other administration that would have handled this better that would have resulted in any statistically significant lowering of the amount of death. So anyway Orange Man bad though……I guess…?

      You then move on to several actual lies. You claim he told a “white supremacist” organization to stand down and stand by. This is a lie. The Proud Boys are not a white supremacist organization. You should stop getting your information from the Southern Poverty Law Center. They are a group that holds rallies where they drink beer and wave American flags. They have been violent at times but so far as I am aware they have never been the ones to start the violence. It is usually begun by Antifa and finished by the Proud Boys which results in jail time for some of them as it should. You’re next contention is that the KKK supports Trump, well I have multiple answers to that. 1. Just because a group likes you, doesn’t mean you like them. 2. David Duke (former grand wizard of the KKK) came out and endorsed Joe Biden along with Richard Spencer another widely known white supremacist who used to routinely show up on CNN to bash Trump. Does this make Biden and CNN white supremacists? No and I think you understand that. Also if you care here is a link to a video showing Trump denounce white supremacy 38 different times over the course of his presidency. He has directly denounced it more times than any president in history most likely.

      Your next statement makes no sense. You fully accept that the science about climate change is not settled and then you claim that based on this unsettled science that means Trump is trying to destroy the earth. This truly is some CNN conspiracy nonsense and you are better than that. Trump opposes the Green New Deal which would destroy the US economy and supports things like Fracking which even though it is demonized by media has resulted in the United States reducing their carbon emissions by 15% as a result of burning more natural gas (which burns at over 95% efficiency) than coal. This means that the US has reduced it’s emissions below those set out in the Paris Climate accords and has made a reduction (by percentage) of more than any of the nations currently in that agreement. Fracking is not purely a result of the Trump administration obviously but the incoming Biden administration has made it very clear they want to ban this activity. So who wants to destroy the earth again? The administration that supports a technology that has resulted in a 15% reduction in carbon emissions while not destroying the economy and in fact allowing it to flourish or the incoming administration that wants to ban fracking and replace fossil fuels with far less efficient forms of energy production that will result in economic stagnation and potentially large amounts of death as a result of energy shortages. Not to mention the strip mining of lithium from mines in Alaska and a dependency on China to provide the rare earth elements required for solar and wind production. This reliance on china would result in even more carbon emissions as China is one of the worst offenders in terms of carbon emissions and in fact is not a part of the Paris Climate accords. Your argument here is nonsense.

      You lie again in your next argument. This is how I know you simply get all your information from leftist sources that want to claim that Trump has lost dozens of lawsuits! This is again false. The Trump administration has only filed 3 lawsuits and has won 1 and lost 1 that they have now appealed. The other 23 that are referred to by these fake news companies are lawsuits filed by individuals outside the Trump administration or by other conservative groups. Simply because the lawsuit seeks to challenge a Biden victory does not mean it was filed by Trump or his administration. The fact that you would not want investigation into allegations of impropriety in such a close election is strange as well. I say count the votes as many times as is necessary to get it right. It is highly unlikely that Trump can overturn any of these outcomes but we have already uncovered lots of potential problems in our voting system that are usually just ignored. The US election system is laughable and needs to be changed dramatically to ensure free and fair elections and if these lawsuits move us further towards that goal then I am all for it. The states will certify in a few days and we will find out if they have any truly damning information. So no, Trump is not undermining these steadfast institutions. He is showing you how broken and susceptible to fraud and incompetence that they are.

      You claim his extremely vocal positions are a negative and make his supporters believe him. So like the extremely vocal positions of say any other president in American history? This is a catastrophically bad argument by you and you are better than that.

      Your arguments about unemployment numbers are fair but ignore the point that we have historically used these numbers to quantify how the economy is doing. You don’t get to just move the goalposts because you don’t like who is in office. You also make several statements I flatly disagree with. You claim that no one can live on that amount of money. This is just obviously false. People all over the world live on far less than the average poor American. Elon Musk famously intentionally lived on a few dollars a day before becoming a billionaire to test himself to see if he had what it takes to be an entrepreneur, your ability to live on an amount of money is decided by what you believe to be necessities. If you want more money then gain a skill that makes you more valuable. The fact is there is no other way to look at the data, more people with jobs is one indicator that things are better that we can track. I never said it was the end all be all.

      Your analogy is lacking. This voter turnout would be more akin to my black friend vouching for me not me noting my black friend as a defense. If you want to talk about systemic harm how about the Biden Harris ticket being responsible for millions of black men being in prison. Biden was the author of the 1994 crime bill and Harris was the AG of California who very famously imprisoned thousands of black men for non-violent drug offences and then laughed about smoking weed in college. It was found that while AG she attempted to keep non-violent prisoners locked up in defiance of court orders. The democratic party has received an outsized share of the minority vote for decades and has done nothing to improve their lives. In other words exactly what you are accusing Trump of doing. I know you don’t want to talk unemployment but the fact is that we had record low unemployment and record high job participation in minority communities under president Trump. The historic shift of minority votes in fact shows that minorities are starting to understand that the democrats do not have their best interests at heart and in fact the Trump administration has been far better for them than the Obama administration was. I could continue on with examples of Trumps prison reforms that I am sure you are unaware of because you seem to get your information from VOX exclusively but I believe it would fall on def ears.

      This last part is where this comment really goes off the rails. You are better than this. Nothing you said above is evidence of fascism, this is literally the most played out nonsense talking point in the world. Please name me a fascist leader who would do these things. 1. Deregulate the economy, meaning take away government control. 2. Decide to not use the insurrection act to use the military to put down rioting and looting which his supporters were BEGGING him to due during the height of the riots. 3. Decline to use the War Powers act to force companies to manufacture PPE during the pandemic and instead choosing to allow them to do it on their own. 4. Decline to implement sweeping changes to gun control laws in the united states. 5. Decline to implement massive lock down orders and subvert the constitution. 6. Implement prison reform. 7. Reduce taxes on both corporations and the general population. (yes he did reduce your taxes don’t try to pretend like it’s not true). These are not the actions of a fascist. You either don’t understand what fascism means or are being intentionally ignorant in order to support your opinion. Either way it’s disappointing. Also Biden is not a liberal. Liberals believe in freedom and liberty, this term has been corrupted largely by conservatives to mean a generic left wing person. This is not true, Biden is a hardcore establishment player who believes the government should control your life. He wants to lock you down, control your healthcare, steal your money with more taxes, and use that money to fund his sons crack habit. I am truly disappointed by the terribly arguments you have presented with 0 evidence to back them up. 15-20 minutes of research outside of left wing sources would have destroyed most of your arguments. You don’t have to like Trump, you can hate him all you want but don’t sit here believing a bunch of nonsense and lies in order to make yourself feel better about it. Go to some other sources of information, watch some Tim Pool and be better informed.


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