Voting Is Broken


It’s time for everyone to stop bickering and just admit that the way we vote in this country is completely broken. Anyone who pays attention to things has known this for a long time. Hollywood movies like Black Sheep have been making fun of the fact that politicians cheat to win for decades. All that matters for certain partisan people is who won the particular election. If their guy won then the election was clean as the driven snow and if he lost then the entire election was bunk and the system is rife with problems. The only real difference seems to be what each side complains about. The left will complain about voter suppression and accuse the right of trying to disenfranchise minorities, the right will claim that dead people are voting and that votes are being manufactured. The reality is that they are both probably right in their own way. The answer to both of their problems is the same, we need better safeguards on our election process.

The 2020 Election

So let’s start with this most recent election and compile some of the issues that we know have happened. Now before you start screaming about how Trump lost and he is undermining our democracy remember it wasn’t that long ago that you were screaming about how Trump and the Russians colluded to steal the 2016 election so spare me. The unfortunate reality of what is going on right now is that we do not have the time to properly investigate these things. This is primarily why we need better safeguards so that we can all feel comfortable in the outcome of our elections. Whether you believe the allegations are true or not the reality is if you’re looking for concrete undeniable evidence of fraud we simply don’t have the time to go through everything and find it if it does exist. All we can do is point out areas of concern and try to investigate what happened so that we can prevent them in the future. So what evidence is there that something went wrong? I’ll start with the more concrete things and move towards the more speculative things. I think the best work is being done by Matt Braynard at the Voter Integrity Project. Obviously he has a political bias as he has worked for the Trump administration, however everyone is going to have a bias and I think the data he has presented is the most compelling so far. You can find a long form video about his findings here. His method was to call voters and ask them questions about how they voted. He gathered data for the number of unreturned absentee ballots in 5 swing states (Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin) and by calling large samples of those voters made a few determinations. I am going to talk about Michigan here as it’s my home state but you can watch the full video to see all of the data. Michigan had 139,190 unreturned ballots and of 1050 people who were polled 254 or 24.2% of them stated that they did NOT request and absentee ballot. This is important because in Michigan absentee ballots have to be requested so why was there a ballot supposedly sent out and unreturned for a person who never requested one? Now obviously the person being asked could have forgotten or been mistaken but if that percentage holds true of the total it would seem very strange that so many ballots could be sent out with no one requesting them. Matt Braynard makes an interesting analogy in his video that I like. He equates these voter fraud investigation to a Covid-19 test. They take a small sample from a nasal swab and look for anti-bodies, if they find even just a few this comes up as positive and we declare that you have Covid-19. This is the same as investigating voter fraud, all we can do is take small samples and look for evidence. If we find it then we know it is happening and in this case there is more we need to do to find out how bad it actually is. The VIF also looked at data for what they called low activity voters which means voters who had never voted or had voted for the first time. They looked at 20,000 ballots in Michigan and were able to contact 643 people. They found 18 who claimed that they DID NOT vote. These numbers are small but remember that we are dealing with relatively small sample sizes which is why if we find blips like this we need to figure out whether or not there is more. The case that got the most attention was that of Nahshon Garrett, he is an Olympic wrestler who was shown as having voted absentee in Arizona but has stated on national television that he never received or returned an absentee ballot from Arizona. This is obviously just a single case but it is one that has garnered a lot of attention. The VIF also attempted to tackle the accusations of dead people voting, he states that there was not much evidence to show large amounts of dead people that voted however he did state that there were many instances of reaching the widow of someone they were trying to contact that obviously confirmed that their husband or wife could not have voted. What I think is the most telling part of his research comes from those who voted in a state that they were not legally allowed to vote in. Meaning they moved and registered to vote in their new home state but cast a ballot in the state they previously resided in. This is unfortunately illegal and those ballots should be thrown out. In Michigan they found that there were 13,048 ballots from their sample that did not meet the residency requirements for casting that ballot. This I believe is a huge problem that could lead to not only people voting in a swing state they no longer live in but potentially voting twice via an absentee ballot and voting in person in their new home state. Especially in a close election 13k votes can make or break an election. Like I said I believe the residency issue is one of the biggest problems, they also found that many of the addresses listed on absentee and mail in ballots were not residential addresses but were commercial addresses of things like post office stops. Many of these appear to be PO boxes and were disguising this fact by claiming the PO box number was an apartment number. In my opinion this shows clear evidence that someone is trying to hide the fact that they are voting fraudulently and if we have that type of evidence then we need to stop everything and investigate absolutely every single vote that was cast in this election.

Outside of the Voter Integrity Project there are strange occurrences in the state of Michigan. This is where we move into a bit of speculative territory on my part. The reality is that most of us went to sleep on election night with Trump winning by large margins in most of the swing states. I know I know, you are yelling right now that it’s because they counted to mail-in votes later because they had to wait and most of those went to Joe Biden. There is some of that that is absolutely true. However what is clear in Michigan at least is that sometime around 4am there were 130k votes that were counted and came in 98% for Joe Biden. Now I’m sorry but I do not believe there is any rational person out there that can actually believe that a batch of ballots can possibly be that lopsided. Especially when they are simply absentee ballots and not from a specific district. We know that mail-in ballots generally came in about 68% for Joe Biden so it doesn’t make sense that all of a sudden we have this huge wave of votes that puts Biden over the top at 4am while supposedly they had stopped counting for the night. We have clear evidence in Michigan of glitches that have caused votes to be swapped. We had an entire county where 6000 votes went to Joe Biden that were supposed to be for Donald Trump. This is not speculative this is real and obviously 6000 votes is not enough to change the outcome, but if it happened there it can happen elsewhere. If you live in Michigan you know that Wayne County is one of the most corrupt places, in terms of government, in the United States. Wayne County and the city of Detroit gave us Kwame Kilpatrick who is famous for using your tax dollars to buy himself and his buddies brand new Escalades. So don’t try and tell me that people like that are not capable of manufacturing votes in order to sway an election to a crony establishment player like Joe Biden. What we see in Wayne county are voter turnout rates in the city that are between 10 and 20 percent and then voter turnout rates of over 80 percent in the outlying suburbs. If you live in the area you know that the city is the more heavily democrat area and many of the suburbs like Livonia and Canton that lie in Wayne county are heavily republican districts. So with those kind of turnout rates how did Joe Biden win Wayne County? Well it turns out that there were 170,000 votes cast in precincts that have 0 registered voters. Now I know that this is largely due to absentee ballots being counted and the fact that Michigan now has same day voter registration. I am not saying that these votes are illegitimate, what I am saying is that there is absolutely no way to verify them one way or the other which makes me not trust the outcome of this election or any election going forward. I mainly focused on Michigan here, but if you continue looking you will find similar discrepancies across many swing states and even states that are never going to flip in the other direction. Do not let the legacy media tell you that there is no evidence of voter fraud. This is blatant fake news. You don’t have to go back very far in their archives to find the stories they used to post about the potential for voter fraud in our system. Here is an article from 2012 where the NYT suggested that mail-in votes were a problem and were more prone to fraud and irregularity than in person voting. These facts I have laid out for me are more than enough to say that we need to take a serious look at how we handle voting in this country because the system seems to me to be completely broken and anyone who trusts that their vote is being counted accurately is not paying attention.

What Do We Do About It?

This section is going to be purely my opinions on some steps I think could be taken to fix what I believe to be the largest problems with the voting system.

1. Absentee Voting Restrictions

If you want to vote absentee you should have a good reason. Overseas military members, people who are indefinitely confined, or those who have some physical or mental handicap that prevents them from voting in person. I am sure there are some legitimate categories I forgot but suffice it to say I believe that 99% of people should have to vote in person. I’m sorry but if you can’t even be bothered to show up and vote then you probably just shouldn’t vote in the first place. Your employer is legally required to allow you time to vote so don’t come at me with this “I have to work nonsense”, be honest you missed the turn to go to your polling place and you decided to just keep driving. Mail-In voting outside of absentee is completely ridiculous, it creates massive problems with ballots just being sent out to everyone. The fact is that the fewer times your ballot gets handled the better.

2. ID Requirements

A valid photo ID should be required in order to vote. Period. You will never convince me otherwise. The only argument I have ever heard against this is that it will prevent poor people and minorities from voting. This is honestly one of the most racist and classist things that is ever said. You are implying that minorities are either too stupid or apathetic to go and get a photo ID. Again it’s not that complicated, if you can’t be bothered to go and get a state ID then maybe you just shouldn’t vote. If you would like to make it easier for people to obtain ID’s I’m all ears. Removing fees for those who have hardship, or creating an online way to get an ID where you can schedule a quick verification appointment around your work schedule all sound like good ideas. Getting rid of ID requirements is not. This would also apply to absentee ballots there needs to be ID and signature verification happening on these ballots. These are simply measures to prevent fraud and I do not understand how you could be against that in good faith.

3. No Same Day Registration

Same day registration is ridiculous. It takes up time from the polling workers on the day of and is a massive distraction. Again, and I know I have said this before, if you cannot be bothered to proactively register to vote when you move then you probably just shouldn’t vote because clearly it’s not that important to you. Same day registration could allow someone to potentially vote in multiple locations, vote in an area they don’t live in, and a myriad of other problems. These issue might get caught however we want a smooth and streamlined voting process so that we can have the time to double a triple check the vote counts before states must certify. Having same day registration makes it difficult to be able to match votes to voter rolls and the like. We need to clean up the system.

4. Audit All Electronic Voting Machines

Every single vote should be counted by hand with 3 observers present of various affiliations to verify all parts of the ballot that means the signature, address, and who they voted for along with any other pertinent information. This should be done even if the votes were counted by machine as a backstop against software glitches or potential hacking. This process should be done on camera where anyone who feels like it can livestream the counting of the votes and keep people honest.

These are what I consider the bare minimum to get out voting process secured. There are other proposals that I could definitely get behind. I think thumb print verification wouldn’t be a bad idea in some sort of ink that would take more than 24 hours to wash off. The point is here that I firmly believe our election system is completely broken and untrustworthy. I believe the 2020 election was rife with fraud because the establishment players new that they had to get Trump out of the way. Joe Biden was backed by almost every major media company, every social network, every wall street executive, and most major corporations. He is a product of the swamp and the swamp is happy to have him back.


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